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Environmental Education and Research Center

A Field Station of the CAFSSS
Treat thy fauna as you as you wish to be treated.

Always do what you are afraid to do. -- R W Emerson

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We welcome all students who want to learn about their environment. 

Environmental Eduaction Center field trip
Dave Yasharian a KSU graduate showed students first hand how different an outdoor classroom can be.

The purpose of the Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) is to protect and enhance 307 acres of Kentucky's wild lands. EERC creates a collaborative learning facility which connects students, faculty, and staff to the environment through meaningful learning activities. This center will make every reasonable effort to provide access to all members of the Commonwealth while focusing on providing educational experiences that accommodate different learning abilities.

Program Areas
The EERC has flourished into a resource that benefits school children from across the Commonwealth, provides field instruction and research opportunities for higher education, protects Kentucky's natural resources, and meets the Coillege of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems (CAFSSS) high standards of excellence.

To fulfill our obligation with the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board (KHLCFB) developed and submited a Final Resource Management Plan which was accepted.

The 307 acres that make up the Environmental Education Research Center is actively managed with environmentally sound stewardship practices. The EERC is being developed as a Field Station of the CAFSSS and to give all students of the Commonwealth a place to learn about the environment.

The Environmental Education Center is located at 1371 Little Dixie Road in Pleasureville, Kentucky. The Center includes a 1.6 acre pond, extensive rough walking trails and sites for anthropology, aquatic sciences, forestry, biology, and science education. The Mobile Environmental Education and Research Center is available during the winte to bring some of the same educational opportunities found at the Center to schools throughout the Commonwealth.

Administrative Staff
Dr. Teferi Tsegaye, Dean and Professor of the CAFSSS
Dr. Kirk Pomper, Associate Research Director of the CAFSSS
Dr. Charlie Collins, Principal Invistigator, Forestry
Wes Stilwell, Coordinator II and Manager Environmental
Education and Research Center


To arrange a visit or volunteer at the Environmental Education
and Research Center feel free to contact us at any time.
Please allow the courtesy of two weeks.
Kentucky State University
1371 Little Dixie Road
Pleasureville, Kentucky 40057
Phone: 502 597-5089
Fax: 502 597-5088
E-mail: william.stilwell@kysu.edu
Wes Stilwell
103 Athletic Drive
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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