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A Field Station of the CAFSSS
Treat thy fauna as you as you wish to be treated.

Always do what you are afraid to do. -- R W Emerson

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EERC welcomes students of all ages to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered. Elementary, middle and high school students visit the Center as part of their environmental education curriculum. Scouts visit the EERC for their merit badge projects. Undergraduate and Graduate Students from KSU and UK explore the research and learning opportunities provided by the 307 acre Center. Currently the EERC is participating in the following activities:

  • EERC encourages students of all ages to observe first hand environmental sciences. Higher education students and faculty may find suitable research and study challenges.

    Our site also offers Environmental Education Tools.

    Earlier opportunities are reported in the newsletters.

    Kentucky State University
    Environmental Education Center
    1371 Little Dixie Road
    Pleasureville, Kentucky 40057
    Phone: 502 597-5089
    Fax: 502 597-5088
    E-mail: william.stilwell@kysu.edu

    Wes Stilwell
    103 Athletic Drive
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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