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Fifth Grade
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2007 Pathways and Access to Careers in Technology
Field Team Research Group 5A: FSI: Farm Scene

Our Group Members include: Induja.N.,Taylor.A.,DeShawn.K.,Alex.S., Kyle.R.,DeVonna.S.,Ashanta.G.

Our PACT Challenge: Make a web page explaning why the fish and
goats may be dying.

The facts we learned about goats: Goats are ruminants(a four
chambered stomach or cud chewing animals). Goats usually live in
loose heards. They will part away(fall behind) if they are sick or
hurt. Goats will not eat trash unless it tastes edible. Goats may
get hardware diseases by eating poisonous metals. Goat diseases
could be spread by the food trough.

The facts we learned about fish: Fish are aquatic underwater
animals. Fish can die of Gill Fluke. Over stressing can weaken
their immune system and that can lead to death.The best treatment
to prvent this from happening is to apply salt to their habitat.

We learned about soil and water analysis to solve the challenge. 
To analyze soil we had to: To analyze soil we have to collect soil in
a cup, mix water into the soil, put a pH strip into the cup, and then
columnize the colr of the strip.

To analyze water we had to: Put water into a cup. Then insert the
pH strip and read the color that the strip is showing.

Our soil results: SOIL SAMPLES SOIL pH ~Runoff Plot Soil 6-7 ~Organic
plots 6 ~Sample 1 7 ~Sample 2 8

Our water results: WATER SAMPLES WATER pH ~Micriocosm
Sample 7-8 ~Pond water 8 ~Sample 1 4-5 ~Sample 2 5

Based on these studies and our analysis results
our recommendation to Mr. Billie Bob Cabrito is: Our recommendation
to Billy Bob Cabrito is, his goats are dying because pesticides are
weakening their immune system and the parasites are killin the goats.
Mr. Cabrito's fishes are dying because gill fluke,protezoan parasite
and other fish illeness are killing his fish.

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