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2007 Pathways and Access to Careers in Technology
Field Team Research Group 7D: Heredity

Our Group Members include: Jenna Walker and Katelyn Gillispie

Our PACT Challenge: Our PACT challenge was to properly extract
DNA and learn about biotechnology.

The facts we learned about DNA Extraction: When you take the
DNA out of the very small bottles you do not want any air in the

The facts we learned about genetic alterations: When you genetically
modify something you improve it in some way so..... if there is a fish
that is resistant to frost you can extract that and add it to a strawberry
to make a frost resistant strawberry.

The facts we learned about bioengineering: Biotechnology is the
study of tools from living things. Biotechnology has been around
for ten years.

We learned how to extract DNA and highlight identifying
characteristics of individuals utilizing groundbreaking
biotechnology to solve the challenge.  To successfully
identify the culprit we had to: We tested all the samples to see
what suspect was more likely to have left the evidence and it
resulted as the friend of the victim leaving the evidence.

Based on these studies and our suspect identification
techniques our recommendation to the crime lab of
Stemville, KY is: -HEREDITY- Heredity is the passing of the traits
from parents to their young. It works in two ways. It makes each
living thing resemble others of its kind in many ways. It also helps
make each living thing one of a kind. Unless you have an identical
twin, no one else looks exactally like you. During the 1830`s the
German scientist Maithis Schleiden and the British scientist Theodor
Schwann showed that plants and animals are made of tiny units
called cells. Inside each cell are tiny structures that are called

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